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How it works


Wonder about another`s world. Meet locals you wouldn’t usually see. People with a different background, lifestyle or philosophy. Get inspired and wonder about their art, culture, work, spirituality and passion. An artist in his studio, a spiritual adviser who lays tarot for you, an ordinary living room. Take this opportunity to ask whatever you want. Maybe you``ll be pleasantly surprised, amazed or shocked!

The meetings aren’t just for fun or teambuilding but also for inspiration, to think out of the box and come up with new ideas. As part of a training or a company trip. Simply by meeting people in a creative and surprising manner, in a special place and with the right positive atmosphere.

Contact us via mail or phone to plan your trip. Depending on the size of your group we will need some time to arrange it. So, please, contact us as soon as you can. On the day of your trip, we will meet you at a nice bar or café where we give a brief introduction about your program. Then, you’ll get moving in groups of about 5 or 6 people, by bicycle or on foot. Larger groups start and finish together. Surely, you’ll have a lot to discuss, afterwards!

Sample program


2.00 pm   Check-in with a drink on a prominent location in the city.

                Here you will receive your travel documents and explanations.

3.00 pm   Over one hundred years the family Oomen stands for architecture.
                Meet Toon in the monastery in the backyard.

4.00 pm   Nicole submits herself to ancient natural forces
                Welcome to the world of druids, witchcraft and tarot.

5.00 pm   Enjoy the self made puppets of Irene.
                Meet her in her beautiful little theater.

6.00  pm  End of tour.
                Let us arrange your drink or dinner at a suprising location.




2 encounters (duration: 3 hours) 

2-4 persons € 55.00 pp
5-50 persons € 50.00 pp 
> 50 persons € 45.00 pp

3 encounters (duration: 4 to 5 hours) 
2-4 people € 62.50 pp 
5-50 persons € 57.50 pp
> 50 persons € 52.50 pp

bike rental (recommended) € 8.50 pp


Give us a call or mail us:
+31 (0)6 811 37 880

Send me more information

set your city

Thanks for contacting us!

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