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Looking for a suprising activity with friends, family or collegues? A trip with B-in motion is always a good idea! 

You can make a trip in Breda, Dordrecht, Zwolle or Den Bosch and meet local people with a special job or hobby.

An opportunity to meet people with a very different backgound, another way of living and another way of thinking. Ask what you want! You might be suprised or shocked, anyway it leads to new inspiration and maybe new viewpoints!

Meeting locals is a very simpe but strong concept. meet a local in his or her atelier, office or living and get the story. After 45 minutes you leave for the next encounter. Everything starts with a special encounter...than the rest will come automaticly!

Take your family or friends on a trip! We will discuss with you the kind of encounters, times and places. An outstanding way of getting to know a city! 

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